2 H1N1 cases in Mauritius

2 Cases of H1N1 Detected in Mauritius (21 Feb 2014) – And The Nightmare Begins.

2 cases of H1N1 have been detected in Mauritius during the past 24 hours. The older of two siblings, both younger than 10 years of age, has been suffering from fever since the beginning of this week. Treatment with antibiotics brought no successful result, as would have been expected; the fever was still not mitigated. Yesterday afternoon, the younger one of the two showed signs of suffering from fever as well, exacerbating the situation further.

2 H1N1 cases in Mauritius
The doctor responsible for the treatment of the children deemed it right to undertake tests on the sick kids in order to shed light on the matter. He made them have throat swabs tests in laboratory. The results of the tests indicated that the cause of the fever that would not be brought down is the H1N1 virus. The virology laboratory of Candos also did the same tests to conclude with the same results.

The two children are being treated with Tamiflu, adhering to the protocol of the Ministry of Health. The parents of the children together with those who have been in contact with the latter are being followed up as well to detect, if any, the presence of the virus. No one from the family has traveled overseas recently, making it more difficult to find out the origin of the virus.

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