Pacific Fans

3 Models of Pacific Fans Removed From Prohibition Notice

Some time back – 20th of November of last year – fans of the Pacific brand were put on hold from being sold. The company King Bros which is the one in charge of the commercialisation of the fans has submitted certificates of conformity for the fans to the Mauritius Standards Bureau. This week, 3 models have been removed from the Prohibition Notice, namely models S2015, W2009 and PBF, which have been manufactured in January. Officers from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will now have to verify the fans before they are sold. The date of manufacture as well as the serial numbers have to be crosschecked.

Pacific Fans

Last year, 4 models of the fans were already removed the list. So, now, a total of 7 types of the Pacific fans can be sold to the public.

The number of accidents, some of which proved to be fatal, and on top of that involving children, has greatly alarmed the Mauritian population since a while now.

People had already been cautious about the buying of Pacific fans. King Bros had launched an investigation into the matter, and had found out that many people use the fans for a prolonged amount of time, without even doing servicing for the fans. King Bros has also set up a team of technicians to examine the fans of the buyers.

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