Fallen Tree 2

Aftermath of Cyclone Edilson: No Great Damage Reported

Cyclone Edilson has come and gone, and has passed practically unnoticed. It has not brought in its wake much damage, to the joy of us Mauritians. Else, we know how the little dot in the Indian Ocean which our island is can be brought to its knees by natural calamities.

Fallen Tree

Edilson has only ‘felled down’ some trees and branches across the country, which has caused power failure in the following regions:

  • Quartier-Militaire
  • Floreal
  • Beau-Bassin
  • Britannia
  • Belle-Rive
  • Wooton
  • Beaux-Songes
  • Some areas in the North

Fallen Tree 2

God be blessed that the country did not witness large-scale damage. Oh, however, power failure is enough of a constraint for us, internet-thirsty people, but oh well, it won’t be for long before teams of CEB fix the trouble.

Additionally, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre have informed us that firemen have had to handle 25 emergency cases. At Riviere-des-Galets, a tree fell on a house, hence the assistance of firemen had to be sought, while the SMF guys have also had to deal with issues of such nature.

Edilson Damage

The nation was greatly advised to stay safe at home, even if the cyclone did not seem to be of great threat. But, don’t we know how the Mauritian mind works! Some people have been seen swimming in the lagoon of Blue-Bay, as reported by Radio Plus. Some may just not be as cautious as others, maybe, seeking the thrills of being at sea in a storm.

Oh, and here’s a picture of a car gone into a ditch. And, no, it was not the strong winds that pushed it there. It was a car accident at Riche Terre today.

Car faux pas

Photos via Defimedia

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