Alim Lalimier Lor Sime Sanzman

Alim Lalimier Lor Sime Sanzman – Protest Against CT Power Goes Nationwide

Remember the buzz that the charcoal power station plan made last year? Well, ecologists of the island have not given up on showing their disapproval to this project. The organisation Alim Lalimier Lor Sime Sanzman has come up with the idea of holding a demonstration event which is to be held today (3rd february 2014). All Mauritians have been invited to enlist their participation in the peaceful demonstration by standing in front of their doors from 19h to 19h30.

Alim Lalimier Lor Sime Sanzman

The methodology they chose is to stand in front of their houses, holding candles and posters, which the participants have been encouraged to make themselves, with their own personalized message, in the view to sensitizing Mauritians about their environment. Afterwards, the participants are expected to upload their pictures on the Facebook page event, so as to create awareness about the purpose behind the event.

The young ecologists complain that an agreement has been signed between the CT Power and the Central Electricity Board (CEB) without having informed the population. They demand that the agreement – Power Purchase Agreement – is made public as soon as possible, so that the Mauritian population is not kept in the dark concerning this issue that has great influence on the environment.

More to come on this issue soon.

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