New Treadmills for Horses

Allet Stable Buys Treadmill For Horse Training! – What’s Your Excuse To Not Exercise Now?

The horse stable Allet in Mauritius has been undergoing many changes since last December, uptil now. New infrastructural development is being made: buildings for new offices, working space for veterinarians, conference rooms and, of course, new boxes for horses. The additional element of the stable layout alteration is the treadmill imported from South Africa.

This is no ordinary treadmill as we know it. It is, in fact, set up for horses to serve as training equipment for the horses. Well, it takes all sorts to make a world, right? This marks a new step forward in the development of the equestrian world in Mauritius. The horses will thus be allowed to give themselves a training on a limited surface, up to a speed tantamount to a strong gallop. A computer program directs the work in a custom-made fashion. Well, well, the treadmill is not restricted to us humans only, get over that!

New Treadmills for Horses

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