Cruelty against dog

Animal Cruelty Again! Man Kills 7 Month Old Dog in Mauritius Because He Was “Irritated”

Dog is the best friend of man. Extremely loyal and friendly. As they say. As pets, they are generally considered to be a member of the family. In this respect, a family lost one of its members at Plaine Magnien. Their dog, going by the name of Rex, was brutally murdered, hit by a pipe, till it met death. According to the results of the autopsy done by Doctor Abdool Bakar Jahangeer, the Chief Veterinary Officier, it died of a fracture of skull, caused by several blows. Additionally, it had many haemorrhages. What is the story behind such a cruel end?

Cruelty against dog

Prakash, 32 years of age, would return home everyday, having to pass by a narrow pathway. To his dismay, the dog of his neighbour, Rex, would be on leash, tied up in that pathway. The relationship between the two – Prakash and Rex – was quite tense. Prakash did not like the dog at all, since the latter would bark at him, stranding him on his way home. According to him, the neighbours would intentionally keep their dog there, out of bad intentions. Furthermore, as his wife later reported, the dog was a ferocious one, which had once run after their child, and when she complained to the owners so that they would tie it up, they blatantly ignored her. She purported that the dog had shown aggressive behaviour to her husband, which justifies the latter’s actions. That day, Prakash succeeded in getting home after managing to get away from the barking dog. But, he was particularly irritated. So, he seized a pipe, and returned to where the dog was tied and hit the animal to death.

On seeing the mess, the master of the dog went to his neighbour to teach him a lesson, so to say. But, the family of the latter prevented that from happening. The dog owners filed a case against Prakash, for ‘animal killing’ at the police station of Plaine Magnien. Taken into custody, Prakash admitted to his deed. He alleged having only hit the animal 2 times. He spent the night in a cell at the police station. Last Sunday, he bailed his way out, by appealing to the Bail and Remand court. A bail of Rs 5000 was paid.

The owners of the dog, as expected, have a different version of the story. It was a gentle dog that they brought up like a child of their own. It was a gift for the festival rakhi. They say it never bit anyone, and never got into fights with other dogs.

Rex had a tragic end. If it really were ferocious, attacking strangers, its owners should have kept it away from people. Or, if it were annoying to people, it should have been kept at bay, among people who appreciate it.

However, it is difficult to believe the culprit when he says that a 7-month old dog could display aggressive behavior! Even more difficult to believe that a man could kill a dog with such cruelty for simply barking!

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