Attacking SAMU and Ambulances in Mauritius – Apparently A TREND!

What are ambulances for? To help people. To help those people who have been severely injured and those who are extremely ill and, who thus have to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Why, then, do some people have their definitions distorted? Let alone definitions, but they have moral values twisted and warped. Why else would people so much as come up with the idea to attack ambulances?! This is the 3rd recorded case of such misdemeanour.

Ambulance attacked in Mauritius

This recent incident occurred on Saturday (08.02.14). A wounded man called for an ambulance so that he could be transported to the hospital of Souillac. He was found at Surinam. On reaching there, the driver of the ambulance and an attendant who had accompanied him, were both to be greatly surprised by what was awaiting them. A group of men were engaged in a brawl. And, apparently, they didn’t intend to keep the matters only among them. They judged it necessary to include the ambulance driver and the attendant as well.

The situation was only going to worsen. One of the men who were busy fighting with each other had the brilliant idea to try to throw a “TEMPO”; pressure cooker (yes, you heard right, it’s not auto-correct trying to ‘correct’ my words -_- ) at the two men. Generally, it is women who are associated with the concept of turning harmless kitchen utensils into powerful weapons -_- The absurdity of using a pressure cooker to attack a driver of an ambulance is too much that one knows not whether it is extremely funny, or, whether it reflects a gross representation of our social values.

On being attacked by the ‘super weapon of destruction’, the men tried to find refuge in the ambulance. The men now sheltered, the angry aggressor took to the ambulance. He hit the vehicle with the same kitchen utensil, thereby damaging the door together with the headlights. Once inside the vehicle, the driver hurried to the nearest police station at Souillac.

I guess you must be as appalled as I am, readers. Is this some kind of trend that some Mauritians now attack ambulances?

Previous Similar Cases

Last July (2013), some people had damaged an ambulance because they alleged that the latter came much too late. Last month, a driver of an ambulance was severely assaulted by some angry family members of an extremely sick person who was to be driven to the hospital. The driver suffered many blows with the help of a saber. You might as well ask as to why they did this. It was ‘just because’ the doctor did not allow some family members to get on-board the ambulance. Why, was the life of the ill person not in great danger? Wasn’t he supposed to be driven to the hospital as quickly as possible instead of stranding the ambulance?!

So, if the ambulance is late, people should behave in a barbaric way? Given that the hospital administration should be more organised. But, violence is never the solution.


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