Batman attacks in Mauritius

Batman & Army Responsible For Power Cuts in Port Louis, According To CEB!

Batman attacks in Mauritius

Trouble in Gotham City?! Something along these lines… Actually, some inhabitants of Port-Louis of the regions of Vallée des Prêtres, Cité La Cure, Sainte Croix and Le Hochet have been having power failures on and off since approximately two weeks now. After investigation into the matter, the CEB has alleged that it is the comrades of Batman responsible for the electricity troubles; bats. They purport that bats have been interfering with the lines of both low and high electricity voltage. Now, now, doesn’t this sound mysterious?!

It is quite late in the night, at around 22h00, going on till 2am that the mysterious power failures begin. Perfect timing of the bats?! It goes without saying that the inhabitants are deeply perplexed and annoyed by such inconvenience. Who needs to have the lights on at this hour, wondering? Well, apart from lights and the internet, there’s other purposes of electricity. The inhabitants could not switch on their fans and air conditioners. How horrible to have to bear this heat, specially that Sahara-like heat of Port-Louis!

The bats have been fooling around pretty much with the electricity supply of the inhabitants, if the claim of the CEB is correct. An inhabitant of Vallée des Prêtres complained that in one night, it so happened that power failure occurred five times, and it only becomes back to normal at one in the morning, pretty much when everyone would be fast asleep, not bothering to switch on the fans anymore. Infuriated by these recurring incidents, the inhabitants have been considering to participate in demonstrations in front of the CEB building.

As for the CEB, they assert that such a situation is out of their control. Well, it’s not like the CEB can be expected to solve the bat mystery on their own. The thing is the bats emerge from their shelters to feed at night. They fly in groups, being gregarious in nature, and hence, they tend to crash into the electricity lines. How to deal with this problem? Giving Batman a call, maybe?! So, currently, the situation goes like this: bats mess around with the lines at night, and during the day, the CEB workers replace the lines.

Let’s hope they come up with a better solution in the coming days! Really, maybe they should just call Batman and enquire about it…..A peace treaty maybe!

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