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Computerisation of the Data of Government Workers in Mauritius

In this highly technologically-advanced era, the need to shift from paper works to computerized systems has only grown more and more pressing. In line with this, the State Informatics Limited (SIL) will soon computerize information of interest for the public workers which includes the number of holidays they are entitled to, their salary, their lump sum, amongst others. Wasn’t it high time for such a project to be conceived?! In fact, the plan is to digitalise the department of human resources of each ministry.

public sector mauritius

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The project, under the name Human Resource Management Information System, will be discussed – following an agreement contracted between the SIL and the Ministry of public service – on the 5th of February 2014, by way of a workshop. This will be held at Pailles, and the Ministry concerned will discuss the project. An investment of Rs. 207 millions has been made to finance this project.

Furthermore, a committee has been set up comprising employees of the civil service, the SIL, and the National Computer Board. The first phase of the project will start off in September, and by the end of 2016, the 55,000 public workers will be able to have access to data concerning them via the internet. Each will be given a password to access the required information.


  • Rs207 Millions !!!! Using FREE SOFTWARE !!

    Today MySQL database is free and a 64GB USB key which can certainly host 1 millions user data cost merely Rs2000.00

    How can they justify this Rs207 millions ?

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