Price of domestic cooking gas in Mauritius

Decreasing Cooking Gas Price On The International Market

The price of domestic cooking gas has been reduced by more than Rs 7000 per tonne on the international market. This massive reduction occurred in 3-months’ time. The State Trading Corporation (STC) states that a cylinder of 12 kilos is now available at Rs 566.63. The STC forecasts that the price will continue to decrease. According to the calculations and estimations of experts, one tonne of domestic gas will be around 962 American dollars by April.

Price of domestic cooking gas in Mauritius


Rejoicing already, reader? Well, actually, there is nothing to be delighted about. This decrease in price on the international platform makes no difference to the laymen. The price the cooking gas is sold to the public will remain unchanged. For there to be a decrease in the selling of cooking gas on a local basis, the price would have to be around 500 American dollars on the global market.

Currently, the price of one cylinder of 12 kilos is at Rs 330, plus the government subsidy Rs 236.63.

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