Politicians participating in demonstrations - violence against women

Demonstrations in Port Louis – Lamars Pou Lape. Violans Kont Fam Nou Pa Le

Around 500 people have taken to the roads today at around noon, marching in protest against violence against women. The crowds were composed of both males and females, including people from different social arena: politicians, students and union members walked side by side. They have walked from Champ De Mars to Emmanuel Anquetil Building, holding their banners with eye-catching messages written on them.

Politicians participating in demonstrations - violence against women
Among the participants were Minister Mireille Martin. At her sides were also Kalyanee Jugoo and Sheila Bapoo, as well as Françoise Labelle. Their slogan shouted out “Lamars pou lape. Violans kont fam nou pa le.” Union members like Rashid Imrith enlisted his participation in the peaceful protest. Students from the Loretto of Port Louis and the London College also took part in the protest march. The demonstrators claimed that laws to protect women against violence are not rigorous enough.

Since the beginning of this year, we have been hearing of atrocious crimes being perpetrated on women – many have died as a result. “Atrocious crimes” is an understatement. Scenes from horror movies that thrill people have been the realities of many female Mauritians. Deepa Takoordyal. A name maybe forgotten already. She was killed by her husband, who strangled her to death. As if this in itself was not enough. The man later on bought a grinder to chop the corpse into pieces. This case had astounded all of us. It was followed by many other inhumane crimes, one of which was even witnessed by a child – a very young boy bearing testimony to an act of extreme violence, as his own father did away with his mother right in front of his eyes.

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