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Not April Fool! – A District Council Attendant Denounced Himself At ICAC

Usually, when someone commits a crime, he tries to hide it away from the authorities, for fear of being brought to the law and having to bear the consequences. Even if the conscience pricks back, the tendency to silence it is generally greater than the power of the guilty conscience. Some, however, go beyond this propensity and admit to their crimes. Such was the case of Gianduth Akhjah, who used to work as Attendant at the district council of Grand-Port. He presented himself at the ICAC at Port Louis to denounce his own self.

icac mauritius

He admitted having indulged in an act of corruption last year. He related that he was not the only one involved in crossing the boundaries of the law. He claimed Rs 240 000 from 7 persons, promising them posts of garbagemen. On denouncing his act of corruption, he also divulged the names of the 7 persons concerned. The latter had come after him when their deal was not respected; they claimed back their money. All of the men were arrested the day before yesterday, and each bailed his way out. Additionally, 3 of them have admitted to having committed the crime. As for G. Akhjah, he will have a court hearing on Thursday.

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