Edilson cyclone

Cyclone Edilson: Over 50 people in Emergency Refugee Shelters

We have all made the observation that the cyclone Edilson was not making its presence felt uptil now. It was even a sunny, lovely weather in many regions of the island. Even when a cyclone warning class 3 was issued at 16h30 yesterday, it still did not feel like we’re having a cyclone which is approaching more and more our island. However, some Mauritians took some extra mesures. They were 13 to take to refugee centres by 8 in the evening of 05.02.14. Nine of them went to Surinam refugee centres, two went to Riambel’s and another two were from Eau-Coulée.

Edilson cyclone

Furthermore, it has been reported that each of these refugees is entitled to Rs 160, together with food. Most of us have an extremely sheltered and cosy home. Little do we realise that others out there may be having to walk to refugees centres. If some were complaining that Edilson was shy to show its presence yesterday, it sure has demonstrated that it is intensifying and advancing towards Mauritius. Which explains the good measure of the refugees to leave for the shelters. Winds have taken up speed, and they can be heard howling, while heavy downpour is to be expected.

Isn’t this weather just the ideal to have a lovely tea-time, with some typical Mauritian snacks?! Stay safe at home!

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