Cracks along Ring Road

Evaluation of The Damage of The Ring Road

Damage done, pictures uploaded on facebook, engineers got on spot. Now, evaluation time! What are the causes of the serious damage that has been of the main subjects of talks lately? Two theories have been posited to explain the situation.

According to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the potential culprits could be the raw materials used to fill in the road. The construction of the Ring Road had necessitated an 18-metre filling of land, with soil and rocks. It is now being hypothesized that the materials of construction were not of good quality. Additionally, some technicians of the Ministry concerned speculated that water infiltration could possibly be the cause. As the Managing Director of the Road Development Authority remarked, great downpour having recently hit the roads in the last few weeks has only worsened the situation, by further enlarging the cracks that had already begun to appear since January itself. Meanwhile, research is being done by Water Research and Co. Ltd to know exactly what has led to such cracks.

Cracks along Ring Road

Now, the question that everyone must be asking himself. Who will finance the repair works? As per the agreement contracted between the Government and the construction companies, which included a ‘defect liability clause’, the former is not to bear any expenses in such a case, while it is upon the construction companies to invest in reparation works.

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