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Ex-Navy Seals Dead on Maersk Alabama – Mauritius Lab’s Expertise Sought To Demystify The Causes

Fans of movie Captain Phillips, this is for you. 2 ex Navy Seals working on the Maersk Alabama  have been found dead in Seychelles, and the cause of death is quite obscure. Their body fluid samples will be brought to the a Mauritian Lab to shed more light on the deaths. What is the story behind? For one, it involves pirates and drugs….

maersk alabama

Pirate stories are greatly entertaining, to say the least. Unless they get real. Unless they get real and entail murders. The ship Maersk Alabama has been the prey of many pirate encounters. Back in 2009, it was attacked by 4 armed Somali pirates. In the same year, it got attacked yet again. And in 2011, another attempt was made to get hold of the ship. So, it became obvious that additional security was needed. To cater for this, ex USA Navy Seals would sail on the ships to provide protection, just in case. That was how Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, ex Navy Seals, were hired aboard the ship, where they were found dead. The ship had arrived at Seychelles, and so the Seychelles police force became in charge of the matter.

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Pirates behind the blow?

Not really. Seychelles Police has declared that results of the autopsy have suggested that death might have been caused by a heart attack. What complicates the matter is the discovery of syringes together with heroine in their cabins on the ship.

Were the two veterans into drug abuse, which could have led to their deaths? Tests to be carried out in Mauritius Lab should elucidate the matter. They say that ex-navies may have drug abuse problems. But, the two are described by family, friends and neighbours as two people who would not so much as indulge in drugs. The case has been puzzling many.

Body fluid samples from the two men have been collected and brought to Mauritius for analysis. Until the tests are done, possible scenarios can only be speculated. According to the crew of the ship, the deaths did not occur as a result of vessel operations. Moreover, Seychelles is said to being one of the countries with the highest rate of injection drug use, according to the United Nations.

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