Fake Agent Recruiting Mauritian Girls on Skype – Even Asking Them To Undress!

Fake accounts on social networks are often set up with the aim to deceive people. Sometimes, it is just to annoy some, to create fake profiles of someone whom you don’t particularly like, and say mean things trying to put the blame on them. At others, however, the case gets more serious, as people set up fake profiles to scam people. Recently, such a thing happened on Skype. The fake profile goes by the name of Shilpa Gupta (As reported by Lexpress initially). A profile with the same name is also found on Facebook.


The man, allegedly from India, pretends to be an agent in quest of pretty women to take part in a fashion show. He has been tempting many with huge amounts of money. He has targeted many models and other women  from Mauritius as well. He informed his preys that the fashion show was to happen on the 9th of March at the Swami Vivekananda Convention Centre at Pailles.

Was he only after money? Well. What else could a man want from searching for pretty women? He has been chatting with them on skype, trespassing many bounds. He has even insisted for the girls to switch on their webcam, so as to do the ‘casting’. Then, he would take their pictures and make a video. At others, he would also ask them to undress. So much for setting up fake profiles. Be on your guards, people! There’s always the risk that the videos are to be used on adult’s movies websites. (Fake Agent!)

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