Fishermen protest at hotel construction at Haute Rive

Fishermen Protesting Against Construction of Hotel Near Haute Rive

The construction of a five-star hotel at Haute Rive has instigated protests from 59 fishermen, the latter originating from Pointe-des-Lascars and Roches-Brunes. The spot chosen for the building of the hotel is located near Haute Rive, a village in the north of Mauritius. The fishermen are vociferously condemning the project; on one hand, they are fueled by the worry for their job, and on the other, they are showing concern at the possible environmental implications involved in a construction near marine life.

Fishermen protest at hotel construction at Haute Rive

Primarily, it is their bread-earning ability that is menaced; the construction of a new hotel would undoubtedly undermine their job as fishermen. They have also pointed at the possible negative impacts on the environment entailed in the setting up of a hotel at Haute-Rive. They have deplored the probable destruction of mangroves, extraction of sand, and damaging of fish habitat, which are all of major environmental concern.

Construction work have already begun. The fishermen have gone to the Supreme Court to appeal for their case, requesting for an order of interim injunction against the company Haute Rive Holdings Ltd. They hope to have the interim injunction, so as to have all activities suspended until both parties come to terms with each other, and a final decision made.

The matter will be decided on the 14th of this month, at the Supreme Court. The Judge in charge of the case, Nalini Matadeen, has solicited the presence of the parties involved, to hear from both, to be able to come to a fair decision.

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