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Possible Cyclonic Formation Near Mauritius by 05.02.14

Oye oye, another cyclone is likely to come around the way of our island, according to the interpretation of satellite images by meteorologists.  The zones of depression that have been identified could very well develop into a tropical cyclone by tomorrow (05.02.14), while getting closer to Mauritius. Many are going to relish over these news; students and teachers, who else?!

Update: Cyclone Edilson tracking page

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Last night, the meteorological station informed the public that our island is susceptible to the risk of a tropical cyclone forming around the Mascarenes by Wednesday. Many low pressure areas have been depicted on satellite images. One of these areas could intensify into a cyclone, as it draws closer to Mauritius.

According to the forecasts, Rodrigues and St-Brandon should expect rain today. As for us, the weather could deteriorate rapidly in the afternoon today; we’re likely to have torrential rain accompanied by thunderstorm. The north of the island, together with the west region and the central plateau are likely to be drenched in rain. Time will tell how accurate are these meteorological estimations. Hope that those who are out are well-equipped to make their way back home in the coming (supposed coming rain!) pouring rain!

Updates: 12:00 – February 4th 2013

A special weather bulletin has just been issued, at 11:45 by the meteorological station situated at Vacoas. Two specific low pressure areas have isolated themselves from the zone of inter-tropical convergence. The one which solicits our interest, now located to the north of St Brandon, having already developed into a tropical depression, is progressing towards our island. It has also been reported that it may grow in intensity. By tomorrow, the tropical depression will have been named; for now, it is pretty nameless. The weather is likely to become gloomy, as clouds will hover around us. Accompanying the downpour, we’ll have winds of speed 60km/h. As can be guessed, the sea will be rough.

Updates: 16:00 – February 4th 2013

A cyclone of class one is in force in Mauritius, as reported by the meteorological station of Vacoas.

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