Ghost Caught Speeding By Speed Camera At Trianon!

Speed cameras – the perfect way to catch speeding people, dead or alive. Or so it would seem! They should really consider this as the new ad-slogan of speeding cameras. A very weird incident occurred that has left many baffled. So, here’s how it went! The family of Bertrant, inhabitant of Vacoas, received a notice from the Mauritius Traffic Branch Photographic Enforcement Unit, purporting that on the 11th of February, the latter, as depicted by speed cameras, was driving at 69 km/h on a road with speed limit of 60 km/h; the vehicle being driven was a Toyota Vitz. All good; notice received, proof sent, now all that remains is actually paying the fine. Trouble is. The man was already dead on the 11th of this month. Further mystifying the incident… The family does not even recognise the said vehicle. Well, well, that is one mysterious affair that has to be solved. But, how?!

Ghost captured by speed camera

Updates 24.02.14

Ghost busted?!

The hunt for the now famous ghost had begun when a fine for speeding on the road was sent in the name of a deceased person. After some investigation, the police found out that the real culprit had actually plotted so as to escape payment of the fine. According to what has been reported, the guilty one sent back the notice he received from the police, and pointed at someone else. He included the name of the deceased. The latter’s family was pretty much perplexed ever since they received the fine notice. Everyone wondered as to how could such a thing have happened. The case of the mysterious ghost exceeding speed limits was on the lips of many a Mauritian today. Inspector Ramah from the Traffic Branch has said that most probably it is someone who did not wish to pay for his fine, trying to get away with it. Now, on top of being accused of speeding, the guilty person would also be charged with ‘giving false or misleading information’, so he’d have to pay a fine of Rs 10 000 and he is at risk of being imprisoned for a period of time not exceeding 3 months.

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