Inauguration Of Road Linking Quartier-Militaire To Belle-Rive

New constructed roads have been the object of sensational news lately. Keeping up with the trend is the one connecting Quartier-Militaire to Belle-Rive, which is finally ready to have us step on it. Its inauguration will take place today afternoon. It makes up to 7.5 kilometres, having cost the country Rs 924 millions. Two bypasses are now accessible. People do not have to pass through Valetta and the centre of Quartier-Militaire to get to Belle Rive. Works have been ongoing on the roads of this region for a while now.

inauguration of Quartier Militaire road

Another slip road linking Valentina to the roundabout of Bagatelle will soon be inaugurated; the date had previously been fixed for today, but now it has been postponed to an unknown one. The roundabout of Pont Fer, which is one of the focal points of traffic jam irrespective of the time of the day, will be possible to be avoided once the slip road is given access to. From Phoenix, people will be able to reach Ébène and Réduit, or even the North of the island without running the risk of getting stranded from Pont Fer all along till St Jean.

This year has seen the concretisation of many road infrastructure development projects, not forgetting that one has even already suffered from extensive damage, necessitating repair works. Let us hope that the roads inaugurated and those to be inaugurated are of better quality than the new Ring Road.

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