Passageway to be built at Calodyne

Inhabitants Of Calodyne Infuriated By Works Of Hotel Zilwa Attitude

The hotel Zilwa Attitude has drawn the anger of many at St-François and Calodyne. The reason for this discord is works at sea to be initiated by the hotel. A part of the sea is to be filled to accommodate for a rock-based passageway. Both fishermen and inhabitants of the region have been showing their displeasure at the hotel’s new endeavor.

Passageway to be built at Calodyne

The inhabitants are complaining that the passageway would constitute great trouble to them, impeding their way to the beach during high tide, which, as the inhabitants argue, will cover up the passage with sea water, forcing them to walk on water. Furthermore, the rocky bridge will become slippery as a consequence.

A fisherman going by the name of Sanju Lutchmun has shared his worries, saying that wandering around the region which is to be filled will expose people to the risk of being attacked by dogs of bungalow owners. Moreover, the hotel is alleged to have used deceptive methods with the people in the past, as purported by Mr. Lutchmun. When some fishermen were previously compensated, they had been made to understand that they were not to show objection to the construction of a channel connecting some islets known as Vacoas.

As for the hotel administration, they argue that the part of the sea which is to be filled had once been filled in before. Additionally, the hotel says that enough space is available to circulate between the hotel and the beach.

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