La Vigie Kills Again – Road Accident Killed 2 Last Night

Last night turned out into a nightmare for seven young people. They were heading to Curepipe in a taxi, and at around 18h40, roughly two metres from the round-about of La Vigie, the vehicle skidded and collided into a United Bus Service (UBS) bus, and tumble-crashed.


As a consequence, two of the passengers lost their lives, namely Kailas Audith, 27 years old, and Harish Sambajee, 14 years old. The other 5 have sustained injuries, and one of them, a teenage girl of 17 years old has been admitted to intensive care.

The accident was of a violent nature, such that the bodies were projected out onto the road. The police force of Midlands handled the case, and two ambulances were called to the spot of the accident. 4 of the wounded passengers were taken to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital of Rose-Belle, where the dead bodies of the 2 men were also brought. The other injured passenger was admitted to Victoria Hospital at Candos.

The bus, however, is reported to not having stopped after the crash. It has been caught up with at Port-Louis. The driver was made to do the alcotest, which generated negative results.

It has also been said by the police that the one who was driving the taxi did not hold a driving licence. The Midlands police are working on this case to shed more light on the circumstances of the accident.

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