Metro Leger Mauritius

Light Metro Mauritius: Several Spots of Land Compulsorily Acquired

In line with the light rail project (Metro Leger), the Government of Mauritius has spotted different pieces of land to accommodate for the network.

Metro Mauritius

The track to be encompassed by the Light Metro (yea, we’re still wondering… light rail, light metro or what!) includes regions of Rose-Hill, Pailles and Port-Louis.

The light rail will start from Port-Louis, leading ultimately to Curepipe. Approximately 100 pieces of lands on the light rail’s pathway have been compulsorily acquired by the State.

19 spots have been further identified at Pailles, Rose-Hill and at Port-Louis, more specifically at Maupin Street. The Government of Mauritius has sought the foreign expertise of Singaporean professionals (yet again!) to make this project happen. These professionals are still refining their work, hastening to finalise it so that the project may kick off.

Updates soon!

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