MID at Grand-Port

Maurice Ile Durable At Grand-Port

Since its very inception, Maurice Île Durable (MID) has been working towards directing Mauritius to the sustainability concept. In this fast globalising world, developing approches that will leave a better future – or at least, not a worse one – for posterity has to be among the top priorities of all and sundry. A plan of action has been devised in order to attain this objective. MID in collaboration with many other associations and organisations are going to see the plan through.


The Ministry of Education, the Central Water Authority (CWA), the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Agro-industry, the Conservator of Forests, the Central Electricity Board (CEB), the AREU, Omnicane Foundation, Atics Limited, Kross Border Corporate Services Limited, Air Mauritius Limited, United Basalt Products, Oberoi Catering Flight Services, Airports of Mauritius Limited, Lagonbleu, Mauritius Telecom, Rotary of Rose-Belle, Winner’s Limited and King Savers have all enlisted their participation.

MID at Grand-Port

Many sustainable projects are in the pipeline, to be executed in Grand-Port. Firstly, a sensibilisation campaign to promote sustainable use of water will be carried out with the purpose to educate the inhabitants of the village. Rain Water Harvesting is a concept that will be encouraged. Reaching out to the public by means of brochures, posters, banners, presentations will be on top of the list. Wastage of water being a real problem will be tackled. People have the tendency to take for granted valuable assets, hence justifying the need to drive the point home.

The Grand-Port project is actually a very versatile one. People will be called to participate actively in protecting the environment. For instance, activities like planting trees and decorating projects will be organised. There will be specific points of collect for plastic bottles for children. Producing compost in the backyard will also be promoted. Additionally, educating people about dumping will be done.

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