vandalism in mauritius

Mauritian Beaches Subject To Acts Of Vandalism!

Acts of vandalism perpetrated along our beaches have left many both flabbergasted and angry. The Beach Authority (BA), a body corporate under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government that is in charge of the management of our public beaches, has reported that a total of 20 electric poles lighting beaches have been damaged. The BA works on a daily basis to fight against vandalism. It has, thereby, requested assistance from the government to have the electric poles repaired, which would necessitate financial investment.

vandalism in mauritiusThe Director of the BA, Subash Seeruttun has disclosed that many beaches around the island have been subject to such inconsiderate demolishing of public property. In order to prevent any further problem, the BA has suspended the electricity supply on vandalised beaches.

This situation has proved to be of great annoyance to joggers for several months now. They can no more jog their way down the beaches at night. The lighting that was made available was extremely useful for those who would choose to jog when it gets dark. Without the lights, the joggers cannot go about their daily activities as usual.

We have no choice but to wait for the authorities to fix this situation. Meanwhile, joggers will have to either make do with this state of affairs, or stay at home until they can jog at their own convenience.

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