Mauritius Pride not more functional?

Mauritius Pride – End of A Long Voyage?

Mauritius Pride. Replaced. Or not? The certificate of seaworthiness of the ship will be expired next July. Why stalling it as from January itself? It has, in fact, been in the harbour of Port Louis after its departure from Rodrigues since the end of January. However, its fate is still foggy. Noone seems to know for sure as to what is going to happen to the Mauritius Pride. Will the Mauritius Pride cease to make journeys? Will some lose their jobs? The silence of the Mauritius Shipping Corporation Limited (MSCL) sure does not help.

Mauritius Pride not more functional?


The MSCL has chosen not to reveal anything for now. Currently, it is the MV Mauritius Trochetia only which is journeying between Mauritius and Rodrigues. So, what will happen if this ship undergoes a breakdown?

People who have had the intention to come to Mauritius onboard the MV Mauritius Pride are now clueless as to the choice that is left to them. Mauritius Pride would be affordable for less well-off people, as opposed to MV Mauritius Trochetia which has more expensive passage fees. If this trouble is stretched any longer, leaving people with the only option to travel by the latter, around 5000 Rodrigues people will not be in the position to undertake journeys to our island. Furthermore, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that the MV Mauritius Trochetia will have only 2 voyages in March. All of this also imply that the transportation of goods will be undermined.

Neither the Ministry responsible nor the MSCL has clarified the situation.

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