François de Grivel's views on MT

Mauritius Telecom To Lower Service Fees Soon?

François de Grivel, the ex president of Mauritius Employers’ Federation and Mauritius Export Association, shared his views about Mauritius Telecom (MT) on Radio Plus yesterday. He used to be part of the administration department of MT. He stated that, in his opinion, MT is now on the right track, making huge profits.

The partnership between Mauritius Telecom (MT) and France Telecom marks its 14th anniversary this year. At the time, François de Grivel was somehow sceptic of this partnership, as he confided yesterday. According to him, MT would have had greater chances of exploiting the African market, had it been independent.

Now, years later, his opinion seems to have changed. He has also seized the opportunity to spell out the opinions of all and sundry; he request the MT to decrease its rate of charge since it is making enormous profits.

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