Xavier-Luc Duval

Mauritius Youth Employment Program (YEP) – Xavier-Luc Duval Explains

Unemployment rate: One of the greatest scourges of our contemporary society. We all must know at least one person who is currently unemployed, while he also has all the educational qualifications one can dream of. Education has long been considered to be the panacea to poverty, hence unemployment as well. However, unemployment is still undermining our social fabric, thus highlighting the great need to formulate solutions.

Xavier-Luc Duval

In line with this, the Youth Employment Program (YEP) was launched in 2013 by Minister Xavier-Luc Duval who met with the press today to discuss this program. The aim of the project is to place unemployed youth between 16 and 30 years of age in work placements, as a way to combat unemployement.

Xavier-Luc Duval purported that each tertiary educational institution has to carry out a survey to enquire about ex students. The purpose of universities and the likes is to empower the student with professional skills so that they can find a job. If this purpose is not fulfilled upon leaving the university at the end of the academic program, of what use will education be? Hence, tertiary educational institutions should do a follow-up of their ex students to know if they have been employed, and in which field. Also, if they have not been employed, then what are the reasons behind. Answering these kind of questions could pave the way to finding concrete solutions.

More than 9000 young people were registered under the YEP. Among these, only 4200 have been employed. The statistics speak for themselves. On one hand, the program has indeed cut down on unemployment to a certain extent. However, what happens to the other 5000+ young people who also signed up for the program? The Minister of Finance, Xavier-Luc Duval has posited that greater emphasis has to be put on the choice of subjects by students. The needs of the country concerning job requirements have to be taken into consideration when choosing subjects at the secondary school level.

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