new air terminal Mauritius

New Receptorium at Plaisance Airport – Mauritius

The new infrastructure of Plaisance Airport will accommodate a new receptorium by 2015. The receptorium, which is expected to cover about 5000 m2 will serve as VIP Lounge for important personalities to visit Mauritius island in the near future.

new air terminal Mauritius

Procedures for the construction of the receptorium have already started off. Following the setting up of the new air terminal, more construction projects have materialized. A tower control is also on the list of new infrastructures to be added.

Projects of this scope necessitate much work, for example, the installation of security cameras and posts of control.

A call for tenders had thus been made. The Central Procurement Board is currently reviewing all the offers to choose from the different ones. The highest bid is at Rs 176,9 millions, proposed by Gamma Construction Limited, while the lowest one was made by Nundun Gopee & Co Limited.

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