Ring Road damaged

New Ring Road in Mauritius Cracked In Less Than 1 Year

To the surprise and horror of everyone of us, the Mauritius Ring Road now gives a very much pathetic look. The newly constructed road, whose second phase is to begin this year itself, has been cracked in no time, with crevices and clefts along it.

Ring Road damaged

Engineers from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure have been called upon the site to evaluate the damage. Maybe, now, given the current circumstances, the government will have to review its plans: getting on with the second phase of construction or, fixing the damage. The asphalt has given way to pits along the newly made road, astounding all and sundry. Many will gasp at the sight of the following pictures…. And rightly so.

Cracks along Ring Road

Crevices along Ring Road

Pictures from L’express.mu

Update 19.02.14

Engineers of the Road Development Authority have been called upon at Pailles today to evaluate the damage done to the newly made Ring Road – an action prompted by the uploading of pictures depicting crevices and cracks along the road on the social network facebook. Social networking has proved to be of great benefit, hasn’t it?! Many facebook users had shared the pictures, astounding so many; who would have thought that a newly made road would be subject to such degradation a year after its inauguration?!


  • Engineers in Mauritius … Chartered !!!

    We all know how hard is it to obtain a Degree or diploma; one need money, perseverance, sacrifice, willingness and determination !!

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  • Could be the outcome of compromise with the quality of work and the technical specifications. Just hope that no building or bridge will fall one day.

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