Registration of new students at SSRMC

No Further Student Intakes At The SSR Medical College

Kids, when asked what do they wish to take as careers when grown up, often voice up the word ‘doctor’. It is also the dream of many parents to aspire to finance medical studies for their offspring, mostly, more because of the prestigious nature of the job than the noble aspect of it. Either way, many children have grown up with this aim at heart: to, one day, embark on a medical career. Some years back, decent medical studies could not be done in Mauritius. Huge amounts of money had to be amassed to send the young adults abroad for further studies. However, with the advent of tertiary educational institutions like the SSR Medical College (SSRMC), many families have experienced great relief; they could now afford to pay for medical studies at a rather affordable price. Every year, lots of school-leavers enrol at the premises of SSRMC. However, it is not going to be as easy this year.

Registration of new students at SSRMC


The SSRMC has had a contract signed with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), granting it the right to take in students every year. Trouble is, this contract has an expiry date. And, more trouble has come along the way when TEC implied that it may not renew the contract. Therefore, new intakes for this academic year will not be possible, unless the TEC flashes the green light for it to do so.

Back in last August, the TEC has granted a Provisional Accreditation to the institution, which is only valid till the 24th of October of this year, hence the SSRMC is not allowed to register new students for now. So many people were relying on the SSRMC for this year’s intake. How many parents must have already made provision for the money to be invested?!

The SSRMC has had issues with the TEC and with the University of Mauritius (UOM), which is the awarding body. Back in 2012, its agreement with UOM was falling due, and in the same year, the accreditation for the MBBS Programme was nearing its end as well. Hence, the SSRMC made a request to renew the contract, so that it could welcome more new students, as has been the case for the previous years. However, due to its agreement with UOM that was going to reach its end, the plea for renewal of contract was rejected by the TEC. What exacerbated the matter was the act of defiance of the medical college; it still went on to have new students registered in the college. Hence, TEC restricted the time span of the contract to October 2014.

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  • I want to apply so that I can come by January,so I need a link on what to do so that I’ll not waste my time on any one that wouldn’t work out

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