Nu Savat En Danger! – Sales of Locally-Made Slippers Go Down

Local manufacturers of slippers have been making loads of profits selling this particular type of footwear. Until now. It has been reported that a considerable decrease in sales has been the order of the day. Some manufacturers have witnessed a 50% decrease, while others have been knowing even worse – a decrease of as great as 90%.


What has fuelled such a downward trend? Imported slippers. Which happen to be accessible at much more affordable prices. Our locally-made slippers have their prices vary from Rs 50 to Rs 200, while their imported counterparts are available at as cheap a price as Rs 30. The above numbers explain it all.

According to a manufacturer and seller of slippers, Priscile Quirin, Mauritians are cautious when buying slippers. The high cost of life is making people re-prioritise their affairs. Priscile has confided that in spite of the increase in price of raw materials, she has had to cut down on the net profit so as not to lose clients. Another seller has said that a friend of his has had to close down his shop. He is afraid lest his has to face the same fate as well.

This week, the Mauritian Hindus will be celebrating Maha Shivaratree, a festival where Hindu devotees walk all the way to Grand Bassin for pilgrimage. Generally, at this period of the year, sales of slippers quite commonly increase. However, this year is an exception. Shops importing slippers have not noted any increase in sales. The sellers of Bordecor Ltd at Curepipe have hypothesized that maybe this year Mauritians are waiting for the last minute to buy their slippers.

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