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Pacific Fans Now The Object of Attention of School Headmasters!

The Pacific fans have been the subject of quite many discussions in Mauritius lately. The number of accidents that have occurred have made of this brand of fans a notorious one. As a consequence, many schools have had to do away with Pacific fans found within the premises of the educational institution. And, this has brought about many other issues.

Pacific fans in schools

Last month, the Ministry of Education had requested the headmasters of all local schools to verify the fans installed in classrooms. Are the heads of schools endowed with the competence to verify the Pacific fans? No, as has remarked Moonsamy Sunnassy, the President of the Mauritius Head Teachers Association (MHTA). The headmasters were asked to verify four models of the fans, and to subsequently inform the Ministry of the number of defective fans so that they could be replaced. Priority would be given to the schools found in regions which are particularly hot and dry.

Now, the heads of school are complaining that the Ministry did not send anyone to verify the fans. The President of the MHTA says it is up to the Ministry to take this responsibility up, since it is the lives of kids at stake. Some teachers are not even switching the fans on during class out of fear that has resulted from the numerous cases of fan accidents, while others have even remarked that some students have fainted because of the intense heat.

For the time being, the Ministry of Education has suggested that funds be taken from the Parents’ and Teachers Association (PTA) to buy new fans, which will later be reimbursed.

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