Pacific fans in schools

Pacific Fans: Several Counterfeit Fans Sold According To King Bros

Brand Pacific fans have retained public attention for quite some time now. The deaths and accidents having occurred entailing these fans have left Mauritians outraged. However, can we really blame the fans per say?

Pacific fans

King Bros (the company importing these fans) has committed itself to inspect many a fan of that trademark so as to counter the problem. At the end of the scrutiny, they have come up with many enlightening conclusions.

It is recommended to change the fans after every 5 years of regular usage. However, it has been observed from the fans examined that many people in Mauritius do not stick to this recommendation. Rather, they tend to use the same fan for over a decade, which could explain why the fans no more function as well. Furthermore, the 10/12 year old fans have not been sent for servicing at all. On top of it all, the investigations lead to the conclusion that many fans are of counterfeit origins.

Following these investigations, King Bros has encouraged the public to have their fans examined by the company branches at Pailles and Cassis.

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