Planters of Mauritius: Your Child May Be Eligible For A Scholarship

It is now an undeniable fact that education is the key to eradicating poverty, and, hence, to enhancing our lifestyle. How about those young people who despite being brilliant cannot afford to pursue higher studies because of their modest living? In a view to countering this problem, the Small Farmer’s Welfare Fund (SFWF) Scholarship Scheme has come up with the laudable scheme to give away 24 scholarships to young students. A massive investment of Rs 1.7 million has been earmarked for this purpose. According to the plan, 17 students of the secondary school cycle will be entitled to an amount ranging from Rs 3 600 to Rs 4 800 per year, with an additional Rs 2 000 for School Certificate students and another Rs 18 000 per year for 7 higher education ones.

A committee has been set up to select the candidates to be beneficiaries of this plan. Some basic prerequisites have to be met for them to be eligible for the scholarships:

  • The parents of the young people have to be registered under the SFWF.
  • The parents working full time will have priority over those working part-time.
  •  Those students with the best results will be chosen.

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  • Am 23 ! Am register with sfwf! Am hsc qualified! I wish to know what kind of courses you do offer to student to promote there standard! My name chandradev sitaram! Adress cremation lane palma road quatre bornes! Phone number is 59221713! Am still young an wish to move on in this sector.since child am a vegetable grower! It would b gratefull for me to receive an advice! To know the Benefits ‘and facilities Thanks in advanse

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