Plateforme Citoyenne in oppostion to coal power stations

Plateforme Citoyenne v/s Beau-Champ Coal Power Station

The Company Alteo, as it seems, seeks to follow the steps of CT Power in launching a coal power station at Beau-Champ. Without any surprise, the Plateforme Citoyenne (PC), the NGO that has committed itself to fight against the spread of coal power stations in the island, has shown its staunch disapproval.

Plateforme Citoyenne in oppostion to coal power stations

The NGO had previously organised a number of demonstrations to make an expose of the negative effects of coal power stations on the environment. Its founders also seek the support of the public through sensitizing Mauritians about what they have made their aim: protecting the environment from non-sustainable sources of energy.

Concerning the issue at hand, the PC has, in fact, sent a letter to the Minister of Environment yesterday – a copy of which was sent to the office of the Prime Minister – requesting that the project is halted. As for the company, it has argued that the coal power station will operate only on a temporary basis, as and when needed. For instance, it will be run at the end of the contract for electricity generation with the CEB in 2015.

Time only will tell if the efforts of the PC will bear its fruits – whether the government will take its letter in consideration and take measures accordingly.

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