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Rastas of Mauritius Want to Have Cannabis Legalised

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The Rastafarian form part of a movement, sometimes described as a religion, and at others, as a way life. They purport that cannabis consumption is part and parcel of their religion – they use it when worshiping their King and for meditation. In line with this, they wish to have cannabis legalized in Mauritius. They had participated in demonstrations on the 1st of this month at Le Morne, during the celebrations of the anniversary of the abolition of slavery. Armed with djembes and posters, they illustrated their reasons for their request to decriminalize consumption of cannabis.

This would only be the beginning as they have claimed – many more such demonstrations are to be expected from them. During the peaceful protests on Saturday, they also wished to get their points across to the Prime Minister who was there to attend the official ceremony commemorating the abolition of slavery. However, they did not get to enjoy this privilege.

Last year, the members of the movement had assembled at Caudan and had smoked cannabis there and then. They had previously collected petitions and had people sign to show support for their movement. They call for their rights and culture to be respected.

Will the Mauritian government agree to their demands? We’ll soon have an answer.

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