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Prices of “Recond” Cars in Mauritius Spike By Rs 40k Due To Carbon Tax

Been planning to buy a reconditioned car this year? Well, you may have to review your budget. And, maybe wait for some more months of salary and saving. Cringing at the bad news? Since the 9th November of last year, importation permits were granted for reconditioned (used) cars, whose value has now rocketed up to Rs 40 000 more than the original price. Why such an increase?

Toyota Vitz

Carbon Tax in Mauritius

Ever heard of the carbon footprint? It’s a term associated with the whole global warming issue. Carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide that an individual/company/event has contributed to the atmosphere through his activities. Hence, carbon dioxide percentage in the air is affected by our activities. More cars on the road means an increase in carbon dioxide release. And, we all know how this is responsible for global warming, right? Global carbon dioxide emissions have been on the increase for decades now, hence accounting for increase in temperature all around the world. Which is pretty bad, simply put. Therefore, in a view to curbing this, carbon taxes have been issued; it is a tax on the use of fossil fuels whose burning emits carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Regrettably, we need the burning of fossil fuels for our cars. So, we have to pay taxes!

This new system including payment of carbon taxes will be effective as from the 2nd of March 2014. Before this set date, the cars already in stock will be sold without the carbon tax. Those planning to buy a car, with limited budget, go for it before next month! Maybe now, though, Mauritians will be more conscious of the ‘footprints’ they are leaving behind in terms of carbon dioxide. More conscious and, hence, more cautious. Remember, if the environment is completely degraded such that our lives are negatively affected, the cars won’t be of any use at all.

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  • Hmm hmm, does this mean that the Government will use these Carbon taxes to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, and if, then it would be very nice to hear how they think to do !
    Or were simply just talking about some extra taxes ?

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