strike leading to compensation

Repurchase of Mauritius Printing House: MSM – 178 Employees to be Compensated

The printing house of MSM Ltd, situated at Bell-Village, having been repurchased by the groupe La Sentinelle, has been a serious bone of contention. Why, repurchase of companies most often than not poses a great problem for the employees. Those of the printing house, thereafter being unemployed, were left in the dark as to their future. Therefore, they all decided to go on strike; they stayed in the factory of MSM for 24 hours. Finally, their efforts were fruitful, as an agreement was reached to provide financial compensation for the 178 employees.

strike leading to compensation
This agreement has been negotiated after 3 hours of discussion between the director of the company and union members Reaz Chuttoo and Jane Raggoo. The latter were to advocate the protection of the rights of the employees. The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Republic of Mauritius, Shakeel Mohamed declared that he also backed the sacked employees by entertaining discussions with the ex-owner of the company, the GML Group. Ultimately, the employees working at the stated company from before 2009 will be entitled to a pecuniary compensation amounting to 3 months’ salary, together with an amount representing 75% of their monthly salary per year of service.

However, it has been said that 120 employees will be recruited by the new director of the company, while the rest of them will benefit from the help of the GML Group to find employment.

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