Ministry of Social Security

Rs 50 Million Squandered According To Ministry of Social Security

An amount as great as Rs 50 million is said to have been squandered away by the State, in the name of pensions. What has fuelled such a massive wastage of money? As purported by the Ministry of Social Security, the lack of effective communication among the different governmental organisations involved has proved to be extremely detrimental financially to the country.

Ministry of Social Security
The allocation of pensions enlists the participation of many of the governmental organisations such as the Registry Office, the Ministry of Health, amongst others. For the work to run smoothly, all of the bodies involved have to function in synchrony, a quality which is missing, according to the Ministry of Social Security. It is said that information that has to be relayed across the different organisations is not transmitted as quickly and efficiently as it should have been. This delay in conveying relevant information for actions to be taken accordingly has been the reason for this massive wastage of money: many people whose eligibility to lay their hands on pensions has been nullified still enjoy the monthly allowance. For instance, when someone dies, the information is not processed right away. At times, it takes around a year for this information to be passed on to the concerned entities. The Ministry of Social Security is not immediately notified of this, such that, the pension is still given out for the dead person. What is worse is that at times, the social security only has access to this information when it opens up an investigation.

The same problem seems to extend to the Bureau of Passport as well. There are many cases of people, entitled to pensions, settling down abroad, and the Passport Bureau does not inform the Social Security, which means that the emigrants still have pensions being distributed for them. The Ministry of Health follows in the steps of its counterparts, failing to communicate relevant information. When a person is no more considered to be physically disabled, hence no more being eligible to pensions, this information is not relayed to the Social Security in an appropriate time delay.

The lack of proper interaction among the State’s bodies concerned has cost the country not less than Rs 50 million. Isn’t it time for harmonising the entities whose work overlaps?

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