Solar panels of Sarako

Sarako Photovoltaic Farm Now Operational in Mauritius

The setting up of a 15 megawatt (MW) solar farm had been conceptualised in 2012. Sarako Ltd, a private company, was the one fueling the idea. It proposed to construct photo-voltaic solar farm, with the capacity to generate electricity of power as much as 15 MW. A plot of land to accommodate for this venture was identified at La Ferme, Bambous, at the foot of a mountain. Now, after months of colossal work, the farm is ready to harvest solar power.

Solar panels of Sarako

Primarily, the solar farm will be an additional source of electricity for the Central Electricity Board (CEB). The aim of having an auxiliary electricity-generating alternative is to reduce our dependency on the use of fossil fuels. Sarako has thus aspired to be an ambassador of sustainable development. The noble objectives required arduous toil and efforts: 240 000 holes have had to be dug near the mountain for the installation of 60 800 solar panels. The launching of the photovoltaic farm began yesterday night itself (13.02.14). 2 MW of electricity have already been generated to add up to the CEB power supply. It is now officially running since today morning.

The 15 mW power is considered to be enormous, and hence, the company will be taking baby steps to get fully established. By next week, Sarako will be fully operational.


  • I want to visit a solar farm to see its structural stability against extreme weather conditions , esp against tropical cyclonic risk. If I am satisfied, I can arrange for financial investment for some projects of solar fields across Mauritius. I will leave Mauritius on 23 August and should see the site by next week.
    My cell phone is 5 925 1108 and home phone 233 4532.

    Thanks Seth

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