SBM Branch of Fond-du-Sac Looted!

The Fond-du-Sac State Bank of Mauritius branch got robbed today at around one o’clock. The perpetrators of the hold-up, who are said to be a group of four, then left in a matter of minutes. They teamed up to get the job done: two of them stayed in a car while the other two looted the bank. They did not wear any hood to cover up their face, but they are still unidentified. Enquiries are being done by the police force of Plaine des Papayes to unveil the identity of the robbers. Stay tuned for updates as the case progresses!

UPDATES: 09:00 – 05.02.14

As police investigations have progressed, we now have 2 suspects who have been arrested yesterday, who go by the names of Laurent Clifford L and Serally M. How has the police solved the mystery of the men responsible for the hold-up on Monday?! (Only partly though, because they yet have to find two more men). Well, that’s where security cameras come in handy! Laurent Clifford L. was detected by SBM cameras.

The rest of the story is quite the typical hold-up story: the men robbed a taxi from Pamplemousses, drove it to Fond-du-Sac SBM branch, and armed with sabers, they managed to acquire Rs 560 000. After their feat, they abandoned the taxi at Mon Choisy beach.

And, as we say, old habits die hard. Why, Laurent Clifford L. just had his time in prison for robbery. He had participated in a hold-up at another SBM branch at Souillac some years ago, in 2005.

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