Smoke on airplane of Air Mauritius

Smoke and Panic On Board An Airplane of Air Mauritius – Caused By A Cigarette Butt

Who would have known that one annoying cigarette butt could cause so much commotion, as was witnessed yesterday afternoon at Plaisance?! One cigarette butt dismissively disposed by an as yet unknown fellow passenger triggered a series of alert mechanisms. The whole crew together with the airport authorities were subject to additional stress because of smoke detected on the airplane, all working together to ensure the safety of the passengers on board.

Smoke on airplane of Air Mauritius
A little before landing, a passenger on board the MK 219 of Air Mauritius saw some smoke being emitted from a case of the In-Flight Entertainment System and immediately notified someone from the flying crew. The latter then swiftly informed the captain on board, who alerted the personel operating at the tower of control.

Following this chain of transmission of information, the airport authorities quickly took precautionary measures. Firemen were summoned on the landing track. However, it became obvious that the lives of the passengers and crew were not in danger. Landing occurred without any trouble. Nevertheless, an investigation has been opened to find out the cause of the smoke, in case it is the result of some defect in the airplane. Finally, it was confirmed that a cigarette butt was found on board of the plane. Having now found the guilty entity, the authorities will look into the matter to shed more light.

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