Speed Cameras on Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road

Mobile Speed Cameras On Terre-Rouge-Verdun Link Road

New road. Lovely, scenic view. New adventures. And, not to forget accidents. The new roads at Terre-Rouge-Verdun have attracted the curious as well as those adventurous, daring souls, who view the road as their drift highway. Accidents have already occurred on the newly made roads. This month itself, on the 5th to be exact, a man, lost his life in a rather violent accident.

Speed Cameras on Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road

Seemingly, people have not quite drawn lessons from this case. They are many to speed their way along the scenic roads of Terre-Rouge to Verdun, while the speed limit is 80km/h, and in other areas it is at 110km/h. Maybe they picture it as their new play field, or something? And, the more so that they have the ease to do so, without being ‘reprimanded’! Oh, but not for long! In a view to curbing road accidents, fixed radars were installed along the road. Furthermore, two mobile speed cameras have been mounted near the section leading to Ripailles. And, many are going to be greatly disappointed! Playground has been checked and reined!

This month has already had many accidents. There was the Terre-Rouge-Verdun one, and yet another fatal one at La Vigie. Sometimes, it is the carelessness of the drivers, and at other times, external circumstances. Let us hope that the speed cameras are going to be a real deterrent for those who have an innate love for speed.

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