Mauritians showing interest to study in Australia

Studying in Australia Attracting Many More Mauritians

An increasing number of students are showing their interest to study in Australian universities. The extremely expensive university fees seem not to deter the prospective students; last year, the registered students inched up by 26%. Great crowds were attracted by the fair organised by the IDP, an organisation assisting students in the steps to be taken to get enrolled in universities abroad. The fair was organised at Bagatelle. What causes students to flock to Australian universities in spite of it being one of the countries with the highest university fees? At least one million Mauritian Rs is needed per year to pay for all expenses, including rent and transport.

Mauritians showing interest to study in Australia

The job prospectives are what attract the students, according to Christine Faugoo, the Director of the Mauritian IDP branch. During their studies, the students can work up to 20 hours per week. During the holidays, they can work on a full-time basis. After their studies, foreign students can stay in the country to work for up to 2 years. As a result, many have already bagged a permanent work prior to having a residential permit. Many Mauritians have embarked on an accounting career. Furthermore, the Australian authorities have proclaimed that domains like medicine and engineering need are potential career hubs. Christine Faugoo has advised students that the demands of the world of work is in constant mutation and that they should choose their field of study accordingly.


  • Another incentive for studying in Australia would be that the Australian government, educational institutions, along with other organizations offer numerous scholarships of varying financial scope. Study Abroad Scholarships, specifically in Australia can be obtained for either student exchanges, full course studies, research, and training in either the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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