Toyota Recall

Toyota Recalls Over 1.9 Million Hybrid Prius Cars For Faulty System

It has been reported that the Japanese automaker, Toyota, has proclaimed a massive recall of 1.9 million Prius all across the globe. The colossal decision has been made because of faulty programming in the hybrid system that powers the vehicles. The Prius recall encompasses vehicles that have been sold from 2010 to now, amounting to around 1 million of cars sold in Japan, around 700, 000 in North America and others in Europe and in other parts of the world.

toyota recall
The plan is to update the current software to counter the troubles that have been detected. The software, as it is currently, could cause excess generation of heat in the transistors of the vehicles concerned. This surplus of heat could damage car parts. At most, the failsafe mode could be activated; either the power of the car will be greatly reduced, or the vehicle could be abruptly stopped. More serious problems like car accidents are not anticipated, and no report of accidents has been made either.

Toyota had previously had recalls for cars sold all around the world. Last June, a problem with the brake pressure accumulator had caused the company to make a recall of some other of its vehicles.

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