Murder of Jaishree Soohun

Yet Another Wife Killed By Husband in Mauritius – 4th Case This Year

Following an argument, Jaishree Soohun was violently assaulted to death, with a knife by her husband, Vijay Soohun, yesterday (09.02.14). The crime took place at Jaishree’s mother’s place, at Mon-Tresor-Mon-Desert. The scene occurred right in front of their two children, a boy of fourteen years old, and a very young girl of eight.

Murder of Jaishree Soohun

After perpetration of the atrocious crime, the man took to his heels, taking his son with him. He was later apprehended in a sugarcane field and arrested, and taken to the police station of Plaine Magnien. He will have to present in court today, having been charged with murder.

The aunt of the victim, Swastee Seeruttun, who lives in the neihgbourhood of the crime area, had been alerted by the shrieks of her niece. But, as she reached the scene of crime, she was already late; she only found Jaishree soaked in blood.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been hearing about such cold-blooded and heinous crimes in our island. The descriptions of the chains of felony that have been happening are so mindboggling that one would have difficulty believing such is the situation in Mauritius. On top of it all, children are having to witness scenes of an extremely violent and vicious nature, that one would only see in horror movies; this one being the fourth case this year.

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