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Win Upto Rs 50000 With The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA)

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has launched a sensitisation program to create awareness among the Mauritian population concerning Value Added Tax (VAT). The main aim is to encourage the public to imbibe in themselves the good habit of requesting for a receipt for all purchases made, and for those businesses which are VAT registered at the MRA to issue sales invoices for all transactions.

I love VAT

It is perhaps a neglected practice; Mauritians do not always ask for receipts, and nor do all business owners always give out printed out sales invoices.

The MRA has been furnishing massive efforts to accomplish its goal, hence coming up with innovative ways. It has organised a lucky draw, called VAT LUCKY DRAW SCHEME whereby an amount of Rs 50 000 – as first prize- is at stake. The participants should send details of the VAT invoice that they might have received via text messaging (to be sent on 5 252 8282) or via the website, and “hope” that they are the lucky winners!

Effective Periods for the draws in 2014

The VAT Lucky Draw Scheme 2014 will come into operation as from 1st February 2014 and it will operate on a quarterly basis, as follows:

1st Quarter – February to March 2014
2nd Quarter – April to June 2014
3rd Quarter – July to September 2014
4th Quarter – October to December 2014

Participants will have up to 15th of the month following the end of each quarter to send the details of their VAT invoices for the VAT Lucky Draw Scheme.

More details on the official MRA website here

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