World Day Without Facebook

World Day Without Facebook 2014 – Cool Or Dumb?!

Women’s World Day. Mother’s ‘world’ Day. World Day without Facebook. The list is endless. So, now, following the world day events, some people have proclaimed a World Day without Facebook.

World Day Without Facebook
Purpose of this ‘world event’? Well, at first glance, it seems oh-so-noble – helping to free people from the clutches of the so-called Facebook addiction. Then, its promoters have purported that this event will show how Facebook heavily relies on its clients, without whom Facebook won’t so much as exist. They have even created a facebook page to create awareness for the event and to promote their views and purpose.

Is it this easy-peasy to come up with a world day of just about anything? Mobilising some people with some common purpose and declaring a world day event?! Oh well, what’s the world without the peculiar?! Happy World Day Without Facebook while being ON FACEBOOK.

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