12000 Compost Bins To Be Distributed – Mauritius Household Composting Scheme

The Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Fund is at the head of many projects that will gear the island towards becoming a more sustainable one. In line with this, it had planned a Household Composting Scheme with the view to encouraging people to make their own compost in their own yard, hence creating awareness about recycling and, at the same time, curbing the problem of wastage and dumping. The second phase of this scheme will now be launched – another massive give-away of compost bins.


12 000 compost bins will be given out to Mauritians. The first stage of the distribution was already successful. It was found out from a survey which had been done after the initial phase of the scheme that 99% of the population involved have encouraged others to participate. The registration for the 2nd stage will now begin on the 17th of March. A mixer will also be included in the package to be distributed so as to enhance the composting. A course will also be given to the people, which will begin on the 2nd of April.


As mentioned above, this scheme has been designed so as to curtail the waste disposal done at Mare-Chicose. Furthermore, composting is environment-friendly in many ways. One is that adding compost to the household gardens is extremely beneficial for the plants and soil, and this practice has no negative repercussions on the environment whatsoever, and neither on humans nor on animals. Additionally, the use of chemical fertilizers will be reduced, which is, in itself, a very positive thing for us all, since it will potentially decrease the rate of water and air pollution. Money will also be saved considerably.

All in all, this project seems to be very promising.


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